Access to data comes with responsibility

Author: Gerald Lawless, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Customer Engagement
Tags: confidentiality, data, data protection, hospitality
Businesses have access to data from more and more individuals who are entering email addresses and phone numbers in to online forms. In this TV show Gerald Lawless explains why respecting individuals information is paramount.

Access to data in hospitality

In the hotel business we really have to understand our responsibility to our guests to maintain the confidentiality of that data. And this is something that is so abused around the world. I mean we all receive these silly phone calls and you wonder how people got your mobile number, apart from me putting it on my business card, which always doesn’t help. But it is important that we treat that with great respect, with great care. And yes, use it but use it in a way that doesn’t annoy the guest, and this is important. So we write and say, “Do you want to communicate with us?” If they don’t want to, well then that’s fine and we respect very much the confidentiality of the guest data that we hold.   Connected Economy TV will continue to follow discussions around access to data and data usage.
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