Architects designs changing to consider public realm

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim

Categories: Future of Retail
Tags: Portland Design Associates Ltd
Ibrahim Ibrahim: "The idea of building these concrete monoliths that are fixed and stagnant, these shopping, these hermetically sealed spaceships that are dropped into communities and turn their back on communities, that are overrun by security guards is an anathema to what customers will expect, but particularly the new digital generation.  So the developers have to rethink that, certainly local authorities have to rethink that and will rethink it.  But very, very importantly, architects have to start thinking about designing space that’s stage set, that is programmable, that is soft, that could be changed.  And it may not be the whole shopping centre but it will certainly be a big proportion of the shopping centre which is a flexible space, physically and digitally.  And I think it questions the whole model of how you design, how you finance, design, build and run a shopping centre.  And there are shopping centre clients that have 50, 60, 70 shopping centres that are shitting themselves because of this I think."
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