Assisting retail brands on store location

Author: Robin Bevan

Tags: Javelin Group
Robin Bevan: "We’re a retail and e-commerce consulting business so we work primarily with retailers and brands across Europe and beyond.  With that focus on one sector we cover quite a sort of wide range of disciplines within retail and e-commerce.  So we work with businesses on their strategy.  We work with them on their sort of operations – their store operations, their supply chain, their merchandising.  We also have a very strong position in retail technology and that’s doing things like building transactional websites for major retailers, but also helping them select the right technology architecture to help the business grow.  And then the area that I’m responsible for is store location.  So we also work with retailers and brands on what we call their shape of shame, so helping them either grow their chain of stores profitably or decide how to invest in an existing portfolio.  So that’s the majority of what we do.  The other types of businesses we also interface with are retail property owners and investors again, which it falls under my domain.  But also more widely, private investors, private equity and venture capital firms who are investing in retail businesses, we advise them on the acquisitions they’re considering or on the companies that they own."
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