Balancing technology with the real world

Author: Carmel Allen

Categories: Customer Engagement, Future of Retail, Mobile & Cloud, Physical vs Online
Tags: Amazon, GDR Creative Intelligence
Carmel Allen: "In three years from now you could be walking down the street with your mobile phone, you walk past your coffee shop, it will automatically stamp your loyalty card which will be a virtual loyalty card in your phone, whether or not you cross the threshold or not, you might get two stamps if you actually go in and buy a coffee.  You will then, and it’ll keep that receipt for you, it’ll log it.  You then might walk a little bit further down and it might alert you that there’s a sale going on in another shop nearby where they know you’ve purchased before because your receipt history will be on your phone.  You might then walk into another store and see a shirt that you particularly like, you’ll take a picture of it, send it to your wife, see whether she likes it.  She might send back and say, “Oh, that’s great, but I’ve got a discount for it if I buy it online from Amazon.”  And you say, “Oh no, but the assistant here is very nice, I’m going to try it on, we’ll see.”  And there might be this play out between the showroom, the shop as a showroom and also the actual service.  And hopefully in three years time the service will out win and the actual face-to-face service that you’re getting in the shop will mean that you will buy there and you won’t just use it as a showroom.  And again I think that is finding this balance in retail between technology and service and the virtual world and the digital world’s terribly exciting but it can never replace that face-to-face one-to-one attention and thrill that you get with a really good real life shopping experience."
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