Big data is an agent of change

Author: Edd Dumbill, James Kirk (

Categories: data disruption
Big data isn't really just analytics alone, and I don't think taken alone, it's really the agent of change that's made Google and Facebook and the other companies that we celebrate for their use of data their success. There's no use in having an amazing insight about your customers if it's going to take you three months to react to it, because by then, it may have been a great insight, but it's a three month old insight.  So it's not only the ability to sense your environment, it's the ability to be able to move fast as well.  So an agile infrastructure that's based on things like cloud, open source, constant integration, the whole philosophy of managing software released as it's in testing, enables you as an organisation to move faster in those areas where you need to move fast.  This isn't to say that you should throw out everything.  Clearly as an organisation you have some stable activities and you have some development activities.  One of the big opportunities with the big data technologies is that you can use data and development in the creation of new value, rather than having to use the systems that previously existed which were constrained and optimised to stable back office processes.  
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