Business growth show: Asset managers

Author: John Kay, James Kirk (

Categories: Financial, Financial Strategy
Tags: shareholders
In this business growth show John Kay explains the problems with asset management.

Business growth show: shareholders

The problem we have a the moment, with a very fragmented asset management sector is that the incentives of fund managers are to outperform each other rather than to improve the performance of the underlying business and one of the things we’ve talked about in the report is some of the ways in which we can address that fragmentation of the asset management sector. Basically in two ways, one is by giving them more encouragement to act collectively in setting up vehicles for them to do so. And the other is by encouraging them to have more focus, more concentrated portfolios with more constructive long term involvement in the businesses in which they hold shares.   If you are interested in business performance and growth, take a look at Connected Economy TV's other business growth shows
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