Business growth show – Consumer Culture

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim, James Kirk

Categories: Business Strategy, Customer Engagement, Future of Retail, Future of the High Street, Social
Tags: coffee culture, illy
In this business growth TV show Ibrahim Ibrahim discusses how big brands like Illy are creating a culture, which consumers can participate in both through digital connectivity and in person.

Business growth show - Illy's Approach

Now, Illy used to be a coffee brand, it’s no longer a coffee brand, it’s no longer about silver tins of coffee Illy is about a brand which absolutely engages customers with, yes, the cultural coffee, yes, coffee’s placed in society, yes, art and crockery and books on art. Illy has become a culture brand. A culture of coffee, but also a culture in the big scheme of things. And it has connected with a whole group of customers that are part of that brand, are part of their social network and it gives those customers, through constant connectedness, through digital, lots and lots of value about art, about coffee, yes, they can go and buy coffee as well, but it’s part of a bigger, bigger picture. And when you get to an Illy shop, it’s not a coffee shop, it’s where this art and culture and sociability and debate and the whole idea of the old coffeehouses, comes to life. But that won’t be a coffee shop and it isn’t, you know, at the moment it’s a container that opens up, arrives and closes down. And more and more brands will do this, Marmite are doing it, Heinz are doing it. ______________________________________________________________________Connected Economy TV  is following developments in retail and the digital economy. There will be another business growth show soon.
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