Business growth show: Data is king

Author: Gayle Sheppard, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Competitive Advantage
Tags: data, IDC
In this business growth show Gayle Sheppard of Saffron Technology discusses the continuing growth of data and how businesses can use it to their advantage.

Business growth show: Exploit the data

Well, data is extremely important to businesses today. If you think about the growth of data and what's happening to companies and the amount of data growing inside, as well outside, their businesses, it's important to them. It's also a big challenge to them. I recently read an IDC report. And the forecast that they made about the growth of date by the year 2020, data will grow 44 times over what it was in 2009. Now that's an enormous challenge, but also a terrific opportunity for companies to figure out how to exploit all the knowledge that's available to them both inside and outside their companies. One of our customers used to say, he or she who owns the data wins. Now they say, he or she who exploits the data wins. And I believe that's true. The ability to capture the experience that is inside data, the ability to take that experience and treat it as wisdom about how to respond as events occur around the world, and whether or not they will impact your business. It's becoming very critical to businesses around the world. So data is king.   Connected Economy TV will continue to follow the impact of data on business. Look out for more business growth shows.
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