Business growth show: Enabling humans

Author: Bruce Dickinson, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Strategy, Customer Engagement
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In this business growth show  Bruce Dickinson discusses how he has developed his aviation business around the principle that business should cater to the consumers, who are just human beings with wants.

Business growth show: Consumer desire

When you cut human beings down to size we are really quite simple creatures you know; food, shelter, warmth, light, heat, and you build it up form there really until you finally sort of go "Gucci shoes" or whatever your consumer desires are. But all of those desires are ultimately about gratification. Now where we're at with the airline thing lives upon the fact that people want to travel. We exist because people want to travel on airliners, because they want to get from A to B quickly because they don't want to spend time they perceive as wasting time just getting there. They want to get there and live their lives to the full because they want to enjoy it. Our job is to facilitate that happening by providing the engineering services and also possibly the transportation service that enable that to happen. But always bear in mind that you are just enabling human beings, That is your ultimate customer.

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