Business growth show: High Street complacency has to end

Author: Jo Malone, James Kirk (

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In this business growth show Jo Malone discusses why it is up to British retailers to stimulate high street shopping.

Business growth show: UK high streets

I think we have got to wake up and dust ourselves down and say you know what things aren't going to change if we don't do something about it. You know, it is always someone else's problem, well it's not its our problem. If we want to see our high streets change and we want to see people spending money again, we have got to let go of the neck of the top end of the economy ad allow them to start spending. We have got to give them a reason for spending. We have got to people a reason to come from all over the four corners of the world and come and shop here. We can't. there is a complacency that has to end and has to stop we need innovation, we need inspiration, we need integrity but we have to, as British people, we are known for our creativity across the world we've got to ignite it, we've got to do something about it.   If you enjoyed this business growth TV show, please browse more on Connected Economy TV.
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