Business leaders need to change focus to strategic plays

Author: Simon Wardley, James Kirk (

Categories: digital leadership
Well I mean there is many different areas and when I go back to some aspects of mapping I am afraid.  The first thing mapping teaches you is to focus on user needs and for example if I was producing a business which made a cup of tea.  So you are the user and your need is refreshment and here is my cup of tea.  Well that cup of tea has certain needs, it needs tea and it needs hot water and it needs a mug.  Hot water has certain needs, it needs cold water and it needs a kettle and a kettle has certain needs, it needs power.  So you can actually create a chain of needs and basically as we go down the chain of needs it’s you know your need is for a cup of tea and I need to have the capability to make the cup of tea.  Which means I need to meet these other needs. Focusing on user needs is really, really important because meeting others needs is the core basis of the way you create value.  Of course there is ways of manipulating this and creating artificial needs, persuading people they need something they don’t want and slowing down commoditization through various actions.  Regulations and so forth but that requires an understanding of the landscape and it requires high levels of strategic playing.  So I suppose one of the one or two things for me at the moment which stand out.  Because everybody can talk about things like culture, organisational structure etc.  But two things which really stand out as a problem areas is the ability to focus on user needs and the level of strategic play with an organisation.  So I think organisations are particularly well actually to be honest organisations can be poor at the whole gambit.  But those particular two are the first bases I would start with.  
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