Business reasons for taking the environment seriously

Author: Graeme Codrington

Categories: Environmental Issues
Tags: Greenpeace, TomorrowToday
GRAEME CODRINGTON: "We believe that there are five forces shaping the world of work right now, we call them the tides of change.  And the E in that acronym is the environment.  Now, this is, to be honest, probably one of the most obvious of  these forces.  You can’t really talk about the future without talking about the environment.  Unfortunately I think we’ve almost overdone it because we often get people rolling their eyes and they’re expecting, you know, a picture of a drowning polar bear inside.  Those things are important, issues around climate change changing weather patterns and the use and abuse of natural resources.  That’s the big thing of the environment.  And we are living an unsustainable life at the moment on this planet.  But it isn’t just about the Greenpeace message, as important as I think that is.  We actually believe that until businesses see the business benefit of environmental issues, that we’re not really going to see much of a change.  And so our message is very simple, there are real business reasons for taking environmental issues seriously."  
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