Business risk, Branson, and entrepreneurship

Author: Richard Branson, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Risk
Tags: entrepreneurs, failure, success, uncertainty

Business Risk is ever-present, there are many uncertainties in entrepreneurship. In this TV show Richard Branson  encourages entrepreneurs to pick themselves back up after a failure.

Business is risky, don't give up

I think entrepreneurs who are setting out, you know, have just got to do their best, and come up with an idea that is as good as Vichelle's, and get out and give it a try.

And, you know, some will fall flat on their face, erm, but, you know, as long as they pick themselves up and try again ultimately I'm sure they'll succeed.

But I think it has to be accepted that, you know, nine out of every ten ideas fail so don't, don't give up after the first failure.


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