Changing retail landscape makes us development virgins

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim

Categories: Future of Retail, Retail in Different Markets
Tags: Comet, HMV, Portland Design Associates Ltd, Richard Branson
Ibrahim Ibrahim: "HMV should have been here to have this discussion five years ago, so should have, tens and tens of other retailers.  If we had a discussion with HMV and others, if Comet had these discussions five years ago to predict what consumers will be demanding and the kind of difference in behaviour in shopping.  And we have only just started.  The shifts and as I put in my quote, the change, this rapid changing retail landscape is making virgins of us all and as Richard Branson said, I think it is critical.  So what do I say to it, I say I look at the societal changes and I really do believe that these hermetically sealed shopping centres have had their day and is beginning to happen in America, old shopping centres are taking their roofs off, they’re opening them out.  You cannot build a shopping development – any development that turns its back to the community.  It cannot be a selfish commercially driven entity when it has such a massive impact on a community, you cannot ignore the mantra of citizen first."
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