Characteristics of a ‘pop-up shop’

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim

Tags: Omega, pop-up shop, Portland Design Associates Ltd
Ibrahim Ibrahim: "I went to a very famous airport that had an Omega, it was described as a pop-up shop.  What it was, actually a shop in the middle of the concourse. I mean the only thing pop-up about it is that it was there not on a 10 year lease.  For us the idea of pop-up is not about the physicality, pop-up is about the experience being soft, being programmable, being changeable, fluid, organic, not gondolas and displays and shelves and vitrines.  If you got a vitrine or a gondola in a pop-up shop it’s an oxymoron, that isn’t popup.  So the idea of a popup shop is not just about its temporality, its about it’s softness, its programmableness, its organic nature."
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