CIO’s need to get strategic in the business

Author: David Moschella, James Kirk (

Categories: digital strategy, strategic IT
I think all of our CIO clients embrace the fact that technology is becoming essential and strategic to their firm and want to play an enormous role in that area, the difference is that some of our clients are successful in moving beyond the huge back office and efficiency requirements that they have always had and finding the resources and band width to embrace these emerging needs and others have not.  Others are so preoccupied with all the things they have to do – all of which are still important – that they tend to be falling behind and the rest of the firms might be moving faster than IT can keep up with so the opportunity is enormous but some are definitely capitalising on it better than others. There is an enormous challenge to essentially revitalise the enterprise IT skill set in our clients today that many of our clients have a lot of people with traditional skills in programming and networks and data centres and servers and maintenance and support and help desk and all of these areas that are in a relative state of decline and they need much more skills in social media, mobility, analytics, cloud acquiring services rather than building them and that is an enormous shift for the IT professional community and definitely one of the areas we try and help our clients manage.  
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