Co-creation platforms are not just technology

Author: Venkat Ramaswamy, James Kirk (

Categories: co-creation
When you first mention the word platform for at least those people who are student of technology, they think of technology, but really I think of a platform more of an assemblage of things of people, of processes, we were talking about that, of artefacts and interfaces.  It is really purposefully bringing those four together in a particular context, in a particular environment in which the interactions take place to actually facilitate effective engagement so it is really how you design that assemblage for effective engagement that is kind of the heart of it.  Now the idea is that it has to be designed in a way in which the outcomes create value for everybody so when you design it you have to focus on the way that interaction takes place, the way experience emerges from those interactions and the outcomes that result.  It is a very continuous process, every platform should be seen as something live, it is not fixed at one point in time, so you need to design platforms from the perspective to actually make them more and more effective over time.
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