Communication strategy is stronger with video

Author: Nigel Huddleston, James Kirk

Categories: Marketing Strategy
Tags: hospitality, video
Marketing communication strategy will be made stronger with the use of video. In this TV show Nigel Huddleston discusses using video in the hospitality industry.

Communication strategy: Conveying business propositions through video

Video is really important for travel because it can convey the emotional experience of travel and it gets that excitement going. So what we’re seeing is a real change in the mind set. And actually what’s on there in terms of content from the likes of hoteliers and holidays. And it’s not just still photos and bits of empty rooms or ghost ships that are empty now. You’re getting these really emotional experiences that are being conveyed on video, you know, fantastic holiday scenes, great experience around the pool of the hotel, great lively restaurants, nightclubs and bars. And that can only really come across in video content. So we’re seeing hoteliers and travel companies really experiment with much more creative content than we’ve seen in the past. __________________________________________________ Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around communication strategy. Visit to hear more about the power of video.  
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