Communication Strategy with Richard Branson

Author: Richard Branson, James Kirk (

Categories: Customer Engagement, Social
Tags: Google plus, Richard Branson, Twitter
Good communication strategy is important for success in the connected economy.  In this TV show Richard Branson says why he loves connecting with people on the internet.

Communication strategy in the digital economy

I think companies that don't take, the internet, or Twitter, or Google Plus, seriously do it at their own peril. It's also great fun. I mean I've got I think two and a half million followers now on those various sites. I love interrelating with them. I love the immediacy of it. You know, I get feedback if one of our companies is messing up somewhere and we can jump on it. And we get lots of positive feedback as well, which is very encouraging and makes one feel that everything you're doing is worthwhile. So, you know, it's a fantastic medium. Richard Branson is just one of the industry experts featured on Connected Economy TV, where we have more shows about communication strategy.
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