Connected digital economy in Britain

Author: Martha Lane Fox, James Kirk

Categories: Digital Strategy, Government, IT Strategy
Tags: Digital champion, Estonia,, Singapore, UK
The connected digital economy affects governments as well and businesses. In this TV show Martha Lane Fox discusses Digital Britain becoming a reality.

Connected digital economies around the world

It’s enormously patchy around the world. Different countries speeding towards a kind of fabulous digital future, and some slightly more in the slow lane. But actually the UK is in not bad positioning to be fair to both governments, because I was actually employed in the previous lot, they did really understand, and do really understand that the internet is changing the way that the government can operate. It’s changing the way the government can have a relationship with us as citizens, and a huge amount has happened both around how it procures ICT, how the UK government looks online, how thinking about the most disadvantaged people and digital skills. So I actually think the UK is doing a pretty good job, some countries in the world are doing incredibly well. Singapore is always held up as an example, but actually the biggest nation of geeks is Estonia. The Estonian president I was lucky enough to meet is an absolute , kind of, software guru, and has moved the country to be 99% online. So they’re the kind of absolute pinnacle. ______________________________________________________________________Connected Economy TV has further expert discussion about the connected digital economy.
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