Connected marketing for high ROI

Author: Stan Rapp, James Kirk (

Categories: Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, Direct Marketing, Marketing Strategy
Tags: customer engagement, customer welcome your messages, customers looking for you, facebook, in touch with customers, increase opportunity to get ROI, lowered costs, ROI, technology has changed marketing, Twitter
Connected marketing that uses digital channels to engage with customers is more effective and cheaper than what came before, as Stan Rapp explains in this TV show.

Connected Marketing is a fundamental change

Technology has changed marketing, fundamentally. It is changed it in the best possible way. It has lowered the cost, and increased your opportunity to come up with a tremendous ROI. There never has been a better time for marketers. Once you have a website, and once you have Facebook, and once you have Twitter, you are in better touch with your customers than the traditional direct marketers ever were with their direct mail. People are welcoming your messages. They're looking for you.     If you are interested in ideas about connected marketing and the digital economy, please browse more videos on Connected Economy TV.      
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