Connected marketing in a digital market

Author: Don Peppers, James Kirk (

Categories: Marketing Strategy, Social
Tags: generating sales, Micheal Fisher, profit, social media
Social media means that business are going online and achieving more connected marketing. In this video Don Peppers explains why today’s market demands are different marketing.

Connected marketing conversations

Don Peppers: Every business out there is focused on generating sales and generating profit, but you can't do that simply by taking advantage of customers. You've got to do it by working with customers and participating in the conversation now. You're not going to be able to continue doing business the old-fashioned way. You have to participate in these new social media. Micheal Fisher: I do not know in our history a period of time where a channel and a group of technologies could be more disruptive to a brand, than where we sit right now.   Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around connected marketing.  
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