Consumer experience driven by need to eat & be social

Author: Karolin Forsling

Categories: Customer Engagement, Physical vs Online
Tags: AMF fastigheter
Karolin Forsling: "What we did for example, it’s just an example, is that we divided the scheme into three different zones.  And different zones has a different character.  And the one of the restaurants, they have like a DJ playing in the afternoon or they have changed the idea from the morning, where the business people come there for breakfast meetings.  But in the afternoon they are more tapas and go more quickly.  And I think that eating has become a very social part of peoples’ living and working.  And it’s a daily experience and that’s why I say, you can’t take a restaurant to put in, and I think the developer take the food like, oh shit, we’ve forgotten the food, we have to put some food in the scheme, instead of thinking in what kind of experience, and kind of food and what should people experience in the morning, in the evening, in the day because the restaurants has easily way to change their offer and the feelings.  We have worked a lot with that.  We heard about the sound and the smell and everything, and it’s all about emotion.  And that’s also why I think the online shopping is not a threat, it’s opportunity, because you can’t tell all the senses in an online shop.  Sorry, but you can’t."
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