Consumerisation of technology brings IT to front of firm

Author: David Moschella, James Kirk (

Categories: next gen consumerization
For us the biggest issue we try to think about and research is the fact that IT is now pervasive really in every part of the firm and that is very different in the past where all of the things tend to run through central IT so the challenge for many organisations today is how do you manage technology in an environment where it touches every employee, every process and every function of the firm and what does that mean to the central IT function. The traditional IT function was very much a back office function, it was focused on financial systems, inventory systems, management and control systems but it was very much not focused on what we call today front of the firm functions, what is going on in the market place, what is going on with the customer, what is going on with the innovation of the firm and now that is really the focus of technology in the market today. What’s changed is just over time how much more powerful technology has become and we look at that through really two main dimensions – that technology has become consumerized so everybody has it with them at all times in all places and that certainly wasn’t true 10 years ago and just the growth of the cloud and the internet environment and its capabilities to be able to provide just about any technology service anywhere in the world for a very effective internal price has really made it much more easy to try things and do things and just greatly increase the speed of innovation.  So consumerisation and the cloud have just really changed the shape of the IT business over the last decade.
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