Consumers drive disruption around the edges of the Energy Industry

Author: Peter Stanley, James Kirk (

Categories: energy industry, next gen consumerization
We don’t see so much disruption from technology into our core business. Where we do see the disruption really, is around the edges, again particularly in our retail space, in terms of the expected interactional relationship that our customers have with us as a business. So being out there, having a presence on the web, then being able to access and control their energy uses from things like apps and from their smartphone devices or tablets, or even being able to control the energy consumption plans inside the house, is also becoming big. Again controlling through their smartphones, and we're expected to play in that space.I guess from a consumer perspective, people are changing the expectations they have of utility businesses. So they're having to focus a lot more around their retail relationships and become much more service focused. Particularly in the area now of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, impact on the environment through global warming. People are becoming much more aware of how much energy they're using and how that compares with their neighbours, say, and their averages to make sure they can keep their consumption down both from an environmental perspective but also with the price of energy rising from a cost perspective. We now feel the obligation to help our customers actually reduce that cost.
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