Consumers now more informed

Author: David Walker

Categories: Online Research
Tags: B&Q, Incite
David Walker: "The consumer now has got access to real independent information, so they’re more savvy now.  They don’t just trust what a business says to them, they can review wider information and in particular the views of other consumers.  I mean that’s the big shift.  People are not now looking at the independent review or the advertising for their information, they’re looking at the views of other consumers.  I don’t know about you but I, I’m using it now on everyday products.  A crazy example, but I bought a mousetrap the other day – a £3 mousetrap from B&Q – there were 57 reviews on the website and I bought it based on those reviews.  You know, it’s crazy stuff.  Using it for everyday products.

I think it’s forcing businesses to be more honest and open in the way that they interact with the consumer.  You know, they’ve got to, you know, treat the consumer like a grown-up nowadays, they’re going to have to share some information about the product.  You see now about, you know, about how the product’s produced, the story behind the product, the ingredients in the product, more detail, allow the consumer to go and investigate the product in detail if they need to."

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