Customer interface data drives operations

Author: Sean Worker, James Kirk

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Business Risk, Customer Engagement
An active customer interface will produce real time data and inform business decisions, as Sean Worker discusses in this TV show.

Using customer interface data

We have to start with our customers' needs, rather than sometimes the operation drives what they want to see. So if you take the mandate of our company, we are here to provide real-time customer feedback. And we want it the moment they hit it. Our customer service scores, since we introduced our intelligence system, has gone from about a 3.9, to a company high of 4.43 in January. To a large extent it's coupling with our associates, asking and being proactive about asking our customers to fill it in. We send them a request for feedback, three times during their stay, as well as an advance expression of interest before the arrive. We get that in real time and they are being vocal. We're getting about a 35% response rate, which is very high. Now some of the sample sizes on smaller properties are low. Bit if we can get somewhere north of 20, we are getting a real meaning. But that actually turns onto a real conversation on a Monday morning at our executive committee meeting about 'This is what this sub set of customers said about this specific building, on this specific day, about a maintenance issue, an experience. We can actually rectify a problem that week. We didn't have that a year ago. The other component of the technology interface is that when we are doing client reporting we can actually bring that real data to them. What their own staff are saying about their experience, that helps them pick properties and determine what value statements are important. Maybe it's a risk issue a security issue, maybe even if it's our own apartments, we give them the real data, and that's whats really changed in that interaction.

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