Customer profile in the data

Author: Simon Vincent, James Kirk

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Customer Engagement
A customer profile at the Hilton has been built up by mining data from a 30 million strong loyalty programme, as Simon Vincent explains in this TV show.

Understanding the Hilton customer profile

I think our data is quite fragmented at times. But though our loyalty programme, Hilton HHonours. We've got over 30 million subscribers in to Hilton HHonours and we've got a very good understanding of those customers. They are our most loyal customers, they are the customers that stay will us most frequently, and we are building a very strong picture of the Hilton customer and mining that data very actively. I think any good company will tailor their communications according to customer preferences. There's no point communicating with customers in a way that they're not happy to be communicated with, because that will ultimately turn them off. So we work on being flexible, we work on trying to tailor all of our communications, be that, through whichever channel we choose to use and the feedback we get is very positive.

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