Data strategy for hospitality

Author: Nigel Huddleston, James Kirk (

Categories: Digital Strategy, Digital Trends
Tags: Google, hospitality, video, YouTube
Data strategy at Google is all about search. Nigel Huddleston discusses helping users find relevant information with data.

Data strategy for multimedia content

Search is a really important part of what Google does in travel. So people typing something in and then getting a response that’s relevant. But also you know, people are now going onto video a lot more, so YouTube and being able to look and see what a hotel’s like or what a holiday’s like is really key. And then also we’re developing things like hotel finder and that amalgamates all the bits of data and information that a user would need in order to book a hotel for example. So it’s got the pictures. It’s got the price point. It’s got reviews. And it’s got maps. And it’s got all the things that help a user get to that point from, you know, thinking about maybe going somewhere and actually facilitating that actual transaction and booking through a third party.     Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around data strategy and there are more videos from Nigel Huddleston.  
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