Data strategy investment

Author: Andrew Sangster, James Kirk (

Categories: Competitive Advantage, Digital Strategy, Future of Work, Investment
Tags: hospitality, investment, Investment research
Data strategy is important in order to be competitive. In this TV show Andrew Sangster discusses why investment into harnessing data is imperative.

Data strategy and investment cases

What's it going to cost if you don't do it? Its not just a question of upfront costs. It will cost you less in terms of the processing the information. If you are going to take a serious step in analyzing the investment case, you can't afford not to because your rivals will be doing it. You could be seriously caught out. Advisors need to give sound advice. One of the things that is happening now is transparency of data. Historically we have been able to hide mistakes but that's no longer the case, it's now there and it's instant. so you need to be quick to start processing that information that's there and bringing in as much as possible to make meaningful decisions.   If you found this video about data strategy interesting why not watch more TV shows on Connected Economy TV?
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