Demanding consumers more knowledgeable

Author: Karolin Forsling

Categories: Customer Engagement, Retail in Different Markets
Tags: AMF fastigheter, Gallery, Mood
Karolin Forsling: "They are demanding.  They have more knowledge sometimes than the people in the store.  They know that they are in the command, that they have the power.  And they travel a lot, because Stockholm or in Sweden for example, Mood or Gallery and all the schemes we have, they don’t compete to each other, they compete with the whole world because the internet gives them access to everywhere, to every feeling, to every store, to every brand.  So you have to be more, everything more.  You can’t just satisfy to do your shop and your restaurants and your scheme, you have to think about what’s the experience.  And I think it’s all about emotion actually.  Emotion is about what we feel and how I can feel and get people in the right mood."
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