Development potential in the United Kingdom

Author: Sir David Michels, James Kirk (

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The UKs development potential has been proven by the Olympics. In this TV show Sir David Michels of Michels and Taylor discusses his positive outlook.

UK has great development potential

I’m more positive than negative as far as the United Kingdom is concerned. We have a great country, and when I used to say that, people would say ‘well show me why, why are we great? There’s so many industries we are losing and the weathers still awful.’ In fact the weathers getting worse. I am going to say the obvious here. Five years ago, Six years ago now, they said we were going to have the Olympics and every newspaper, every constituent, everyone said ‘we must be mad we’ll muck it up.’ I think we can demonstrate, only a few months ago, just how incredibly this country can get every constituent part of it. It wasn't just the athletes who did an amazing job, it was the organisers, the construction workers, the builders, transport, thousands of wonderful volunteers, and everything worked, much of it donated and we made our selves probably the best Olympic City in history. If we can do that what else can we do.   If you enjoyed this TV show about the UK market and development potential, then please browse more videos on Connected Economy TV.
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