Differentiation via pursuit of Disruptive Tech Strategies

Author: Dan Hushon, James Kirk (

Categories: blowing industries apart, digital strategy, disruptive ecosystems
Disruption is very important to our customers.  Most of our customers are sitting on what we call an innovation quotient, which is really looking at how much money they're saving keeping the lights on, versus how much money they're actually investing in doing things that create value for their customers.  And allow them to differentiate themselves in the industry.  And as a result, we have a very interesting proposition to be given our existing our existing physical plant that we own in customers and our relationships.  We know them, maybe even better than they know themselves.  We manage their systems, we manage their applications and operations.  What we pick up the opportunity to do is to help them to understand which of those applications that are in their plant are actually strategic, which ones are less strategic, and how we actually begin to take the ones that truly are strategic, modernise them to new platforms and new cost models that allow us to actually free up working capital to allow us to then invest forward in these very disruptive applications, that allow us to go after the third platform technologies.  Things like social, mobile, analytics, and certainly doing everything on cloud.
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