Digital brings retail opportunity growth not change

Author: Ibrahim Ibrahim

Categories: Customer Engagement, Future of Retail, Mobile & Cloud
Tags: Portland Design Associates Ltd
Ibrahim Ibrahim: "Change will be fundamentally driven by the massive explosion and growth in shopping in a different way.  I’m not going to say online shopping because I don’t think it actually distinguishes or separates like that.  It’s shopping in a very different way, the notion of the shop will change, the function, the idea, the pure, pure idea of a shop will, I think, will change.  And I say these things, not as an absolute because there will be exceptions, there will be very functional shopping, that you’ll still have supermarkets to a certain extent.  But much of shopping will change and that will be driven by the fact that people will shop for stuff, for things with their mobile devices, inside or our outside shops.  And what they will get from shops will be the collection of those things.  And when they collect the experience of collecting, the collect experience will be at the heart of the shop.  And that collect experience will be yes, to collect your goods, but also will be at the heart of it maybe food and beverage, will be event driven experiences, will be where brands take space, will be demonstrations, will be other experiential consumer behaviour, consumer offers.  So the collect experience will be key.  So when I say the notion of a shop, the notion of a shop means that it’s not where we’ll buy stuff, we won’t buy merchandise, we will buy mementos."  
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