Digital Economy enables a new workflow

Author: Keith Holdt, James Kirk (

Categories: Digital Strategy, Future of Work, Mobile & Cloud
Tags: access to information, Digital Workflow, operations
In this digital economy people are able to send and share information more easily, which makes some business transactions more efficient. In this TV show Keith Holdt explains the concept of 'Digital Pigs.'

Digital Economy and it's 'Digital Pigs'

Another point of view or another perspective is to say, well what if we didn’t only make information available at certain points within the workflow? What if we simply made it available in a sort of repository so that those people within the organisation, regardless of where they come from who need that information can simply go and fetch it from me, in the same way that you might say that pigs would go and feed around the trough all at the same time. One of the key concepts of the pigs around the trough idea is that it can’t really happen effectively in a paper based process, simply because paper by its very nature is sequential. You’ve got to work on it and you’ve got to hand it over to the next person or the next activity before something and before it can be processed or an event can happen around it. It’s only when you start automating that process, making the information available electronically or in a digital fashion that various parts of the organisation, various resources, various people/individuals can come around at the same time and access that information as and when they need it, thereby making the whole way of performing the activity or carrying out the transaction that much more effective.   Browse more videos on Connected Economy TV for further discussion of new concepts emerging from the digital economy.  
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