Digital economy lifestyle redefining hotel luxury

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In this digital economy luxury is more about enabling a lifestyle that is easy, accessible and comfortable than lavish. In this TV show Michael Levie discusses the impact of the digital lifestyle on the hospitality industry.

Digital economy: value of technology

I think we are looking for luxury, but luxury in the past, was maybe a crystal chandelier and white gloves service. Today it is more in a hybrid environment when you flip open your laptop and have an internet connection. Historically we will be categorised by a gender or by the income or by origin or whatever. Today we travel in jeans, we have on a cheap T-shirt, we have a designer watch, we sip champagne and we take the bus home. And we do that both for leisure and for business. What we feel is, is that today people gravitate to lifestyle and you want to belong to a certain lifestyle. So in a day and age of Apple iPhones and computers we take a strip of sushi, we would like to have fashion and architecture and beautiful objects around and that provides us an environment that we are comfortable in or that we aspire to. That's what we try to provide at  Citizen M.

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