Digital economy brings the renaissance of data

Author: David Moschella, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, IT Strategy
Tags: big data
The digital economy is changing business strategies from technology centric to information centric as David Moschella explains in this TV show.

Digital economy and data

Well we often say that the challenge today is to put the I back into IT. That a lot of IT professionals really are technologists at heart and build systems and really give secondary preference to the actual information and the value of it. And whether the system even does what it was supposed to do in terms of satisfying the market. So, you know, it’s been a technology centric industry. But now as you move into the big data business and this concept of information at the edge being your smartphone or in and out. There’s much more focus on the value of the information itself and in using information in new ways. And therefore we think the I is very much going to be put back in IT and that’s why the future of the data to us is a very bright one.

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