Digital engagement allows companies to work with customers

Author: Stan Rapp, James Kirk (

Categories: Customer Engagement, Social
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Digital engagement  is a big opportunity for companies to gain customer confidence. In this TV show Stan Rapp says smart companies have moved beyond “doing to” their customers.

Digital engagement: Strategy is crucial

We now have the opportunity to do so much more activity on Facebook, on Youtube, on Flickr, and so on. How we do it, what we do with the ability to do, is critically important. Unfortunately, there's been a past heritage of doing to the consumer. What I mean by doing to is in the old days you bombarded the consumer with your brand message until it penetrates, and now you change that consumer's behavior. I'm going to take that consumer and press them, and turn them in my direction. That's a doing to thing. Also, we do things to our customers to help us make more money in the short term. A good example, of course, is the financial industry, and banks, with the fees that they've laid on-- with the airlines, with the baggage fee, and somebody said a airline in the UK is going to charge to use the toilet next. I doubt it, but who knows what they'll think of? Of course, the frustration with travel is so intense, not only for the passengers, but for the crew, as well. We saw what happened recently in the media, about a terrible explosion of that temper, but everyone understood it. I think what was most striking about the steward evacuating and denouncing the passenger was that nobody was surprised, because the airlines have been doing so much to the passengers and to their employees by pushing them and demanding more. I remember when the airline stewardess was something to look forward to on the plane, because she looked after you. Now, she's the garbage collector. They've done something to their employees and something to their passengers. That's the doing to thing. If we're going to get involved and engaged, it's what we do with and what we do for that's important, because when now can do things with our customers, because we know who they are. They come to us either at our website, or they come to us on Facebook. They come to us because they start with a certain degree of confidence in us, and sympatico with the product. Connected Economy TV will continue to look at digital engagement and its effect on business.    
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