digital engagement analytics measure the ROI of social media

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Digital engagement analytics have been of growing interest to businesses as they want to know exactly what impact their social media marketing campaigns are having.

Digital engagement analytics in marketing

Over the last ten years, people have really taken a lot of looking at analytics for their website. People want to know how many page view you're getting, how many unique visitors, how many click-throughs did you get, what was the percentage click-through on a banner ad. Some of those elements we're finding are less useful than the end result about ROI. You know, what was the revenue that you generated from your website? What was that brand perception that was improved by seeing your content on another site through public relations or partners and customers talking about you? The new elements in social media people are still coming to grasp in terms of what's a successful campaign. What is the good result? How many followers do I need to consider this a success? How many click-throughs do I need to have success? Those same analytics that you've been running on your website can be run on social media. I can know how many clicks every single Tweet received. I can know how many followers I received over a given time period. I can know how many re-Tweets or how many forwards that I received from a specific campaign. I can know how many new people commented and interacted with me on my Facebook fan page. So each of these elements are converging, so you can find out just how many people you directly influenced through a campaign, how much reach that received, and whether that was a good use of your money and your time. In any corporation, a marketing team needs to prove that it has value. Every single campaign needs to show that it had success, or every single message needs to be continually tweaked to make sure it's hitting the right people at the right time and saying the right things. If you are measuring your success in social media, you can help validate the activity that you're doing. You can help show direct results in terms of engagement with people, in terms of creating new customers, and in terms of helping your brand, both in popularity and in relevance.   Connected Economy TV will continue to follow ideas around digital engagement and analytics.  
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