Digital engagement key to survival

Author: Martha Lane Fox, James Kirk

Categories: Business Strategy, Digital Strategy, Digital Trends, Mobile & Cloud
Tags: Cloud, facebook, LinkedIn, social media, Twitter
Digital engagement offers businesses more ways to survive than in previous economic downturns, as Martha Lane Fox explains in this TV Show.

Digital engagement outside and in

There are more ways to be more connected in to the things that are important because of technology than perhaps there was in the last economic down turn. So I believe very deeply that the opportunity that digital technologies afford you, give you a more robust ability to survive. So for example how would it have been possible to just get out there and select some customers and talk to them in the past as easily as it can be now through a Facebook group or through a LinkedIn group, or though a Twitter profile, you know. There are so many ways that you can connect to your customer base and stay close to it. Also though the opportunity to save money by using digital technologies more smartly whether its Cloud computing, through to how you actually talk to your employees, suppliers whatever the thing might be so both outside of your business and internally I think that technology can help really ride the wave.

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