Digital engagement not just a buzz word

Author: Don Peppers, James Kirk (

Categories: Customer Engagement, Digital Strategy, Marketing Strategy
Tags: Brands
Digital engagement gives businesses a fantastic way to connect with customers and build their business, as Don Peppers explains in this TV show.

Digital engagement: Who do consumers trust?

If a business wants a home in the future, they have to have their own collection of friends who wish them well, of customers who want them to succeed, of customers who want the best for the brand because it's also the best for them. I think a lot of businesses think of engagement as sort of the marketing buzz word du jour. But it's not a buzz word. it encapsulates a very, very important real thing, that businesses today have more capability to actually participate in interactions and conversations and relationships with individual customers, one customer at a time, then they've ever had before.   Keep an eye on Connected Economy TV if you are interested in digital engagement. There will be more expert discussion and industry success stories.  
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