Digital maturity for omni-channel retail

Author: Carmel Allen

Categories: OmniChannel
Tags: GDR Creative Intelligence
Carmel Allen: "Retail’s growing in general, although where we buy and how we buy is changing, changing very rapidly.  And it’s often said that we tend to overestimate the impact of digital in the short-term but underestimate it in the long-term.  And I think that’s often the case, what we see is what we have seen has been a real sense for marketers in particular who have a fixed budge and they’re, the last 20 years have been having to decide where do I put my budget, do I push it all into digital or into the bricks and mortar.  And they’ve had such difficult decisions to make because the technology has been turning around so fast.  So it’s very hard to play that game and place bets.  And I think there now is a moment of digital maturity and with that digital maturity people are beginning to strategise and look at the omni-channel retail setup and be in a much better place to invest and spread their budgets accordingly."
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