Digital Platforms to harness creativity and create value

Author: Venkat Ramaswamy, James Kirk (

Categories: co-creation
The central point of co-creation is really having a platform through which people can engage, which is purposely designed to actually harness that creativity and also the collective intelligence of people. The basic idea in co-creation is what I call win war - win war, which essentially means that as people interact with each other and create mutually valuable outcomes it actually sets off new ways by which value can emerge, it’s a very generative process. If it is designed right, and so it actually has the potential in my view, at least of really expanding what I call wealth, welfare and wellbeing in new ways, which is kind of the largest form of co-creation when you are looking at interactions between private, public and social enterprise and individuals in enterprise economy and society. So that is kind of like the big idea of co-creation but you can apply co-creation thinking at a very individual level in terms of how you and I have experiences in a given environment. Theoretically there is no limit in the sense that it all depends on the platform of engagement and how much it can scale. The real key principles of co-creation really focus on how to actually design the platform in order for that engagement to be really effective so theoretically there is no limit but practically it has to be structured in some way in the sense that it is not about the whole crowd participating for example all at once, not necessarily. A lot of it has to do with creating those environments that I talked about before in a very purposeful way depending on what the context is.
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