Digital revolution led by dissatisfation

Author: Dr Manny Aparicio, James Kirk

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics
Tags: analysis, data, society, technology
In the midst of the digital revolution, technologies are emerging that can actually process the large amounts of data that have existed for years, as Manny Aparicio explains in this TV show.

Digital revolution - What is data without technology?

Saffron is a revolutionary technology, very very different than, you know, the twentieth century technology that we’re still, relying on, but is over this last decade, is showing increasing failure. Revolutions never happen until, it’s that dissatisfaction if you think of  our customers, the experience and the dissatisfaction with the status quo, with the technology that everyone has, from databases to business technology solutions, statistical approaches, all that is there and, when it still doesn’t answer the business. When it still doesn’t answer the real line of business you look for something new. That’s when a revolution occurs. That’s what we’re enjoying right now, ehm, and, you know, if you look, they’re across every industry, err, to give national security. Even years after 9/11, err, the Christmas underwear bomber, we had all the data. We had all the data, but still couldn’t connect the dots and so there still is a reliance, a way of thinking that, if I have all the data, I’m good, I’ll put some, you know, data visualisations, some user interface or, we’re familiar with SQL for searching databases. We have search engines for finding documents so, with all that technology, there was still a failure. If we think in the financial community, Lehman Brothers and the , October 2008, you know, global collapse is, we had all the data.

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