Digital world moves markets quicker

Author: Arthur de Haast, James Kirk (

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Business Risk, Digital Strategy, Digital Trends
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The digital world and mobile technology means that information is more easily available. This has caused the pace of business to increase as Arthur de Haast explains in this TV show.

Digital world and data interpretation

The digital world just makes things move a lot more quickly, it gives people access to a lot more information. You know, we’ve just launched our own app so that people can, you know, click on that. They can tap on it rather, not click these days, tap on the screen. And it tells them, you know, what opportunities or what investment opportunities there are available in that locality, can direct them to it, can give them basic information and so on. So that makes the market move more quickly, it’s a lot more transparent and actually information in its own right is no longer valuable because everybody has information. What is now much more important and what we concentrate on is how do you then interpret that information and use it to give good advice to people who want to invest and so on. So it means that you’re having to think much harder about the value add and how you’re going to, so on the one hand it’s very positive and it creates, you know, speed to market and that sort of thing. But at the same time it means that we’ve got to think a lot harder about how we can add value and look after our clients, given that what’s happening in that space.   If you found this video interesting and want to hear more about the Digital world and data interpretation, please browse more videos on Connected Economy TV.  
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