Disruption means BRMs must find ways to say yes

Author: Kirt Mead, James Kirk (

Categories: BRM
Well what happens in disruption is first of all the solutions that are available to the business become much richer and the solutions are very often just coming directly from the cloud to the business.  The business people are much more facile with technology than they used to be, the result is that they can find solutions that were never there before and so if enterprise IT has a habit of saying no to whatever request then the business will find someone else who will say yes and the result will be that the BRM will lose control so the disruption is essentially the fact that know there are competing alternatives on the table that were never there before and so IT and enterprise IT has to consider those and has to understand that they don’t have monopoly any longer and they can’t just say no.  So the shift is that the BRM has to find a way to say yes otherwise they will be left out and as we often say they will be standing on the platform while the business gets on the train and leaves without them.  
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