Disruptive innovation in a golden era of change

Author: Dean van Leeuwen, James Kirk (

Categories: blowing industries apart, Business Risk, Business Strategy
Tags: industrial revolution
Disruptive innovation puts static businesses at risk. It is important to make changes in the workplace to survive, as Dean Van Leeuwen discusses.

Disruptive innovation can be great if businesses adapt.

We’re living in a golden era of change. Amazing technological innovations that are happening at the moment. We actually believe that the period that we are living during is going to have as big an impact as the industrial revolution. And you can look back every sort of 150, 200 years there’s inflection points where everything seems to change. The size of forces just come rushing in and they converge and they change and they transform the world dramatically. And we believe that we’re living during one of those times. I believe that historians will name the period that we are living in at the moment. And like that has important implications for business leaders. Because if that prediction is true, even if it’s just half true, then that means that you can’t go back to your workplaces and take last year’s strategy and add 10%. continue doing the same things over and over again. It means that you can’t go back and just do the same things that you’ve done over and over again just because they’ve worked in… in the past. And the surest way to fail in a world that is changing like this is just to continue doing the same things over and over again. Connected Economy TV will continue to discuss disruptive innovation in future TV Shows.
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