Disruptive technologies in the energy industry

Author: John Baumgartner, James Kirk (

Categories: digital warm up acts, energy industry
I have got to say that one of the biggest disruptions I think right now, we have a process called game changer process where we look for technologies, group technologies that really are just emerging and are having an effect which could apply and effect for the company and one of those is an imaging technology. So we are looking at a variety of imaging technologies all the way from hyperspectral or multispectral for remote scanning. Satellite systems are becoming much more adept to that.  We are also using and I think multispectral and hyperspectral for being able to spot gas in various areas but there are a variety of imaging techniques, be they thermal or hyperspectral, multispectral or satellites or mounting them on UAV’s looking at it very broadly but this kind of sensing is becoming quite impactful.  That is one area that we are looking at and I think another leading area that came up a lot in the conference today which I was happy to see was robotics.  We used to have a joke that whenever we were running out of ideas about what new areas to look into and really press, somebody would always say ‘well there is always robotics’ and it never was really time and I think we are poised now where there could be some great impacts on remote operations and autonomous operations, those kind of things.  The other thing I see, I am kind of running on here a little bit but, digitisation of the enterprise, sometimes we use the word automation which is not a good word for it, but I think the digitisation of everything is really upon us and we have grasped that in our grappling with our ‘how do we order our priorities to try to do that?’  I think that operations from one end to the other frankly.  So that is very ambitious undertaking for us right now in the whole digitisation frame.
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