Disruptive technology makes user experience seamless

Author: Sean Worker, James Kirk (

Categories: Customer Engagement, Digital Strategy, Online Shopping
Tags: hospitality
Disruptive technology has changed online sales interfaces. Sean Worker of  BridgeStreet Worldwide discusses the effects on the hospitality industry.

Disruptive technology in hotel booking

Our clients have become even more dependent on their own internal systems as to how they book, how they get their own internal customers to book, they're forcing them to compliance intranets. They're utilising systems like ours to interface with those so they become external booking agents. So in our case we have a guest portal, that that client now with all of their SLAs are completely loaded on to that portal that is specific to that company. So actually they don't have to go to the travel department. If you are relocating it will tell you what your allowances are, it will tell you who to contact, it will have internal confirmations on. You get your confirmation back though that portal. It eliminates complete interfaces in many cases, with their own internal travel department, which has reduced obviously labour. Efficiency and accuracy has improved, thats a big dramatic change for many companies.   If you found this TV show about disruptive technology and hotel booking systems, please browse more interviews on Connected Economy TV.
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