“Double deep” employees of the future

Author: David Moschella, James Kirk (

Categories: hr2.0
Double deep is a term that we created to give people a sense of the employee and executive of the future and what we mean by that is that you can look at almost any profession or role in a firm – marketing, sales, engineering, finance, manufacturing, whatever – you have all the traditional skills that come with that role, but to be a valued employee today, to be the most employable employee it is very, very helpful and increasingly essential to be able to blend that existing role with technologies impact in that role and to know what you are supposed to do and what the relevant technologies are to do that well in today’s world and those people that have those double deep skills are the ones that we see at most demand in the market place and in contrast the people who don’t do that – who are traditionally single deep; a marketing person who doesn’t understand digital marketing or search engine optimisation or internet ad servers – those people are often the most likely to find difficult to find work.
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